IP Protection

Companies and inventors must protect their intellectual property to safeguard their hard work and ideas from current and potential competitors. PCK Feeney Law helps clients take the necessary steps to protect their intellectual property and pursue infringements. Recent changes in patent laws make it even more important to take immediate action to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

PCK Feeney Law has over 25 years of legal experience and over 20 years specialising in intellectual property law. We have successfully drafted and defended hundreds of patent, trademark, and copyright applications. We work hard to assist small to midsize businesses succeed in their competitive market. Our specialties are biological, chemical and mechanical arts. We also work with designers and artists to help fulfill their dreams with successful IP protection strategies and portfolio management.

Areas of expertise include: Patent Application Drafting, IP Strategy Development, Freedom to Operate Analysis, Patentability Analysis, Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, License Agreement Negotiation, Out-/In-Licensing Scouting, Foreign/Domestic Prosecution, Third Party Patent Evaluation, IP Counsel to Staff, IP Litigation Strategy Coordination, Competitor Patent Auditing, Complex Commercial Litigation, and Joint Venture Management.

PCK Feeney Law provides clients with a comprehensive offering of IP services, including:

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
IP Litigation
Trade Secrets