In House Counsel

 In House Counsel

Our IP Czar® concept allows companies to have all of the benefits of an in-house attorney, without the high cost associated with a full-time, in-house counsel.

For companies with in-house counsel, we can provide additional support for your department with a highly qualified, part-time, in-house attorney.


Many companies do not need or have the budget to support a full-time in-house patent attorney. By hiring PCK Feeney Law you will have the consistency of a full-time IP attorney without having to pay for idle time, benefits, and taxes associated with a full or part-time employee.

IP Czar® provides the following benefits:

IP and Patent Expertise as part of your R&D development team
IP Strategy and Portfolio Management
Attorney Scheduled In Your Office
In-House Attorney Profile
+Virtual In-House
IP Risk Management
Plans starting at $2,000 / month
Contact Donald Frugé for more benefits and details


PCK Feeney Law specialises in Life Science IP and understands a 360⁰ view of Intellectual Property for Life Sciences. We provide top-level IP services and in-house quality from only experienced senior-level IP attorneys.