About Us


Located in the heart of the New England creative, technology, and biomedical corridor, PCK Feeney Law approaches IP from a scientific and business focused perspective. We specialise in a full range of business and intellectual property services for startups and early to mid-stage companies. PCK Feeney Law provides valuable insight into the ever changing international IP landscape and specialised R&D ecosystems. We provide professional and customised solutions to our clients in a collaborative manner while performing as a trusted member of your leadership team.

“PCK Feeney Law has a thorough and strategic understanding of life sciences R&D and intellectual property development. They have in-depth experience and excellence with national and international IP planning and have a global network of strategic partners that provide for the standardisation of services and costs around the world. Their strong background has meant that I never have to “educate” them about the basic science behind my inventions or the competitive landscape. They are highly skilled, client-focused, and straightforward in their business practices. I wish I had met PCK Feeney Law ten years ago.”

Andrew Mallon, CEO, Calista Therapeutics

“I could not be more pleased with PCK Feeney Law. StormTree™ has been working with PCK Feeney Law since 2014. PCK Feeney Law works in a client’s best interest legally and professionally. They go above and beyond working with their clients regarding business strategy and risk assessment, providing an objective view to various business circumstances. PCK Feeney Law is readily accessible by phone, email or text, day, evenings and weekends making it convenient to the small business entrepreneur. I highly recommend PCK Feeney Law”

Sandra Tremblay, CEO, StormTree