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PCK Feeney Law draws on the experience from four Intellectual Property Law Firms supporting a broad range of IP and commercial services including IP Litigation, IP Strategy, IP Protection and IP Portfolio Management. PCK Feeney Law professionals include seasoned patent and trademark agents, general counsel, commercial and litigation counsel with experience across a broad range of industries and technologies. For each client, we tailor the right combination of professionals and technology to meet each client’s needs. Whatever your IP need, PCK Feeney Law offers the right team and services to identify, protect, and commercialise your ideas and investments.

Life Sciences & Biotech

Our vision of Life Sciences Practice is to help organizsations advance basic knowledge and health of humans and the biosphere by assisting...

Technology & IT

Our patent professionals are very knowledgeable about IT & Technology with many possessing degrees in these fields....

Mechanical Engineering

PCK Feeney Law helps clients take the necessary steps to protect their intellectual property and pursue infringements rights in Mechanical...

Medical Devices

Advances in medical devices are having a profound impact on medical care. With an aging population, as medical care costs skyrocket...